Imagine Fredericton

Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan


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News Release - Fredericton Growth Strategy Recommended for Adoption
Draft Growth Scenario Options
February 9 Growth Scenarios Open House Presentation
News Release - Growth Scenarios Open House February 9th
Growth Scenarios Council Presentation Growth Scenarios Council Presentation, February 8
Launch Presentation - June 14th 2016
Launch Panels - June 14th 2016
Snapshot Fredericton The information in Snapshot Fredericton is intended to help build a shared understanding of the issues and possibilities facing Fredericton. Everyone who cares about the city should read this background book and then help shape the city’s future by joining the conversation during the City Summit, on October 27th-29th, or by visiting
Idea Catcher Download the Idea Catcher to jot down any ideas on the City Summit themes. It can be dropped off at the end of the City Summit, at City Hall before November 4th, or scan and email it back to us at
Thursday City Summit Launch Presentation
Friday City Summit Presentation
Michael von Hausen City Summit Launch Presentation

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