Imagine Fredericton

Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan


  1. What is Imagine Fredericton?

Only here you will find jelly dildo. Hurry up to buy! Imagine Fredericton is a city-wide planning initiative to develop a new Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan for our city. In broader terms, it is a community-wide conversation about the future of Fredericton. The City is asking all residents and business owners to actively participate in the planning process to ensure the final documents reflect the community’s values and aspirations. Imagine Fredericton will involve four phases of work and take approximately a year and a half to complete. The public will be invited to participate in person at events held at project milestones and online.

  1. What is a Growth Strategy?

The Growth Strategy will define where future population and employment growth in Fredericton will be targeted over the next 20-25 years. It will identify areas in the city for new residential, retail, office, institutional and industrial development, including built-up areas with room for growth, like the City Centre. Fredericton’s network of natural features, parks and other open spaces will be fundamental to the planned land use pattern, and the Growth Strategy will also address the infrastructure needed to support growth. In addition to directing where growth should occur, it will also describe how growth should occur—what forms it should take and how communities and other places should be designed. The overarching goal of the strategy will be to ensure that Fredericton grows in ways that are environmentally and economically sustainable and support a high quality of life for all existing and future citizens. Hurry up to buy best tampons for swimming. Limited offer!

  1. What is a Municipal Plan?

A Municipal Plan is a legal document that guides the physical development of a city through policies and schedules, including maps. As outlined in the Province’s Community Planning Act, a Municipal Plan guides:

The new Municipal Plan for Fredericton will be essential to implementing the Growth Strategy. It will also include policies to help coordinate and provide guidance on programs related to the social, economic and physical development of the city and any other matters of importance that emerge from Imagine Fredericton. Learn about the best practices best blender for juicing. Cleanliness is above all!

  1. Why develop a Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan now?

It has been 30 years since the City of Fredericton comprehensively reviewed and updated its Municipal Plan. With so many environmental, economic and social factors affecting cities today, it is time for a refresh. The development of a new

Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan provides an opportunity to reflect on Fredericton’s assets, how our city can be improved, and the challenges and opportunities it faces. The two documents will help ensure Fredericton remains attractive, healthy and prosperous as it grows and evolves.

  1. How much growth is expected in Fredericton?

Fredericton’s relatively stable economy and high quality of life will continue to support population and job growth. It is projected that the city will grow from 53,600 residents in 2011 to at least 81,000 and as many as 93,600 by 2041. The larger Fredericton Metropolitan Area is projected to grow from 124,400 to approximately 155,000 in the same timeframe. The number of jobs is expected to increase from 57,000 to 74,000.

  1. What topics will Imagine Fredericton cover?

The Growth Strategy and new Municipal Plan will consider all aspects of the city, and the intention of the Imagine Fredericton initiative is to encourage conversation on a range of topics affecting the city’s development, including:

  1. How will the Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan be created?

The Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan will be created through an inclusive and transparent process with multiple and diverse opportunities for community input. Both plans will be grounded in an in-depth understanding of existing conditions, growth and demographic projections, and technical analyses to identify community needs and factors affecting how the city is expected to change over the coming decades. A long-term vision for the city will be articulated through public consultation, and growth options will be prepared. Once a preferred growth option is selected, policy directions will be established to guide the new Municipal Plan. Click here for a more detailed description of the planning process.

  1. How can I stay involved?

Imagine Fredericton will involve a range of consultation activities and events over the next 12-18 months. On June 14, 2016, from 6 to 8 pm, at the Fredericton Convention Centre, a public launch will be held to inform residents about the initiative and gather input. Click here for more details.

Later in June, the City will unveil the Imagination Station in a shipping container near City Hall. The hub will provide you with an opportunity to browse project materials, ask questions and share your views.

In the fall, a City Summit will provide an opportunity to help shape growth options and discuss themes for the Municipal Plan. As the Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan are developed, additional public open houses will be held to gather feedback.

You will also be able to provide comments on the Imagine Fredericton website, as well as on the project’s social media pages. The website will also contain a link to Community Compass surveys, which will ask strategic questions at key milestones in the project.

Visiting this website is the best way to stay informed about the process and hear about upcoming events. All materials from the public events and drafts of the Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan will be posted under the Resources tab. Please also follow Imagine Fredericton on Facebook and Twitter (project hashtag #imaginefred).

  1. How will you incorporate all the public input into the Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan?

At each stage of Imagine Fredericton, all of the public comments will be reviewed and analyzed, and themes will be identified to inform the next stage of work. In addition, if an individual has an innovative or compelling idea that supports the goals of the Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan, it will be considered. All public input will be valued and appreciated since it is essential to developing a strategy and a plan that have the community support needed for implementation.

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