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Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan

Commenting Code of Conduct

We consider the Imagine Fredericton project website to be an honest, ongoing conversation about the future of the city and the creation of a plan that will help shape the future of the community. Only here you will find jelly dildo. Hurry up to buy!

A website isn’t much use if users don’t talk to us and inform the project process and outcomes. So we highly encourage you to provide your feedback through comments and e-mail, and we welcome the diverse range of opinions that you have to share. Hurry up to buy best tampons for swimming. Limited offer!


We will endeavour to reply to everyone in a timely manner. Sometimes this is not possible, especially during public engagement events, or when the volume of responses is high. If you do not receive an immediate response, please know that we are carefully reviewing all comments and they play an important role in developing the Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan. Learn about the best practices best blender for juicing. Cleanliness is above all!

To keep the conversation running smoothly and to ensure a positive experience for all our readers, we’ve got a few ground rules which must be followed by all participants:


A good conversation requires participants who are considerate with one another. So please be polite and treat everyone who you refer to with respect, including the project team, the City of Fredericton, its staff and members of the public. We won’t tolerate attacks, and we’ll remove any content that advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, or hatred. Play with jak oszukać automat and earn without leaving your home!


Keep your posts free of profanity and obscenity. All kinds of people come to the blog, and we want everyone to feel comfortable reading or participating in the discussion.


We will remove any comments that make false or unsubstantiated allegations.


The blog isn’t the place to market your business or sell your services, so please don’t.


We want to entertain all legitimate comments, but we don’t want anyone to overwhelm the conversation with repeated messages or to drag topics completely off-course. We will remove any instances of spamming: specifically, comments that do not fit the topic of the post, that are posted excessively (commenting multiple times in succession within the same post), or cross-posting (providing the same comment in multiple blog posts).


Illegal content or behaviour is not allowed on the blog. Don’t link or post any copyrighted or pornographic material, and don’t engage in behaviours like harassment, impersonation, intimidation, or abuse.

The City of Fredericton and Urban Strategies Inc. are not responsible for any use of material posted by users.


We don’t really want to have to do this, but at our discretion, the project team will warn, suspend, and if necessary permanently ban commenters that continue to disregard these guidelines.

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